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You’ve decided to turn your great startup idea into a reality, congratulations! As you prepare to give yourself over to the life of an entrepreneur, some of the biggest challenges you’ll need to prepare for are the financial ones. And not just how to get your great idea up and running — how to transform it into a successful company. Between crowdfunding sites, startup accelerators, investor meetings and good old fashioned bootstrapping, you have a number of ways to successfully launch your product or services to the public. But what about … Continued

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As someone who spent many years as an investor, I can tell you it’s actually a great time to think about turning your innovative idea into a reality. There have never been so many methods of raising the capital needed to be successful be it an accelerator program, crowd sourcing, boot strapping, or something else. However, many of you will at some point need to seek funding from an angel investor or group of investors which can be extremely tricky to navigate. The truth is, the funding process can be … Continued

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For those of you preparing to take on the entrepreneurial life full-time, the best advice I can provide is to be as rigorous as possible with your finances when pursuing your funding goals. It’s never been easier to bring a great idea into reality – from accelerators to crowdfunding to good old-fashioned bootstrapping, there are many options for budding entrepreneurs to choose from. The real difficulty these days lies in keeping that great idea alive. The best way to do so is through a rigorous understanding of the financials involved … Continued

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Many cities aspire to be a Silicon-something. We started with Silicon Valley, and in NYC we now have Silicon Alley; in LA we have Silicon Beach. I live in Arizona where we have a growing eco-system that has been dubbed Silicon Desert. I was recently asked to moderate a panel at a statewide Phoenix event in August (and if you’ve ever been to Arizona in August, you can appreciate that, as temperatures hover in the triple digits, Silicon Desert is an appropriate name!) where five CEOs, from companies ranging in … Continued

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For new or young entrepreneurs, understanding the realities of the startup world often comes as a shock. Long-term success requires more than just a great idea and there is no secret formula for navigating such a competitive landscape. Numerous startups are born every day, but the amount of funding largely remains unchanged and making it nearly impossible for all of them to succeed. Some entrepreneurs will choose to bootstrap their venture the best they can, while others will turn to trendier options such as crowd funding or a startup accelerator … Continued

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Navigating the startup landscape is fraught with challenges; the most difficult being the funding process. The competitiveness between ventures to secure the money needed to survive in such a crowded space often causes founders to overvalue their startups during the investment seeking process. In reality, they need to be seeking only what they need and ensuring it benefits the part of the business that needs it the most at that time. There are few overnight successes and entrepreneurs need to use the tools available to them to determine just how … Continued

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The startup game is a risky business, and for many entrepreneurs navigating the competitive landscape and securing the funding needed to survive is a significant hurdle that isn’t easily overcome. The truth is, there is a limited amount of funding available to startup founders and innumerable new ventures born every day that will be competing for it. Investors simply can’t open their wallets for every good idea that walks through their door. (Frankly, those are a dime a dozen.) The ones that do secure funding, are the ones that have … Continued

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Valuation matters to entrepreneurs because it determines the share of the company they have to give away to an investor in exchange for money. For startups, it is a lot about the growth potential, as opposed to their present value. Early-stage valuation is commonly described as “an art rather than a science”, which can make things difficult. However, technology such as the Worthworm platform can help make it more like a science. Barbara Savage is an entrepreneur and founder of AtCura, a solution for streamlining all of the processes involved … Continued

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Business incubators are organizations geared toward speeding up the growth and success of startup and early stage companies. They’re often a good path to capital from angel investors, state governments, economic-development coalitions and other investors. The stable and nurturing environment of a business incubator greatly enhances the chances of success for early-stage companies. Jeff Saville is a certified incubator manager of the National Business Incubation Association, and the Executive Director at the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation. See what Jeff says about Worthworm, and how Worthworm works with business Incubators. Video … Continued

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So what do early stage entrepreneurs need to know in order to secure angel investment attention in 2014? For the fortunate few who were successful in landing a coveted “yes” to taking an actual meeting, there is usually little time left to prepare for the most important part of the funding process – the investor presentation. This is the first true opportunity for start ups to provide an in-depth narrative and discuss financial expectations with an interested investor. Fortunately, many entrepreneurs have already gone down this path and know that … Continued