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Entrepreneurs take all the advice they can get on starting and growing a successful business. Here at Worthworm, we’re all voracious readers and love soaking up words of wisdom on startup life, business valuations, and more. Here are 10 of our favorite blogs related to entrepreneurship: 1. For Entrepreneurs: Expertise, wisdom, and resources for startups and entrepreneurs 2. Thomasz Tunguz: Tips from Tom Tunguz, venture capitalist at Redpoint 3. 37 Signals – Signal vs. Noise: 13 years of design, software, and business advice from the creators of 37 Signals, Basecamp, Campfire, and more … Continued

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Are we starting to see significant signs of economic recovery, specifically when it comes to angel investment? Since we have a vested interest in the angel and entrepreneur communities, Worthworm wanted to find out the answer. So, we commissioned research firm OnePoll to conduct a survey of U.S. angel investors in order to learn more about their past investments and outlook on the future. Read on to see the results from the first part of this survey. It has become a standard topic of conversation in recent years: Is the … Continued

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Being an entrepreneur is often an exhausting and stressful job. You’re constantly faced with questions about how to value a business, along with pressures to get your product out there, increase sales, have a plan…the list goes on and on. Raising capital can be one of the most taxing parts of getting your company to the next level, but Worthworm is here to change that. Here are five ways that the tool can make your life as an entrepreneur easier. 1. Get help calculating a credible pre-money valuation (PMV) that … Continued

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Worthworm uses a blend of questions from some of the most popular valuation methods, including the Scorecard Method. This methodology calculates a valuation by comparing a business to other pre-revenue ventures in the same region and sector. Learn more about it in our Valuation Methods Spotlight on the Scorecard Method. Choosing a valuation method is one of the many confusing challenges with funding negotiations. There are several popular methods, each with its own approach to determining how much a venture is worth. The Scorecard Method, also called the Bill Payne Method or … Continued

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While we often speak of best practices to pitch angel investors, what we don’t often hear about is direct advice from them on realistically valuing a business, what irks them the most, what their likes and dislikes are, and what irritates them enough to end a meeting. See Part 2 of the results from our 2014 Angel Investment Outlook Report.  In Part I of this series on Worthworm’s 2014 Angel Investment Outlook Report, we learned why angel investors fund companies and some of the main reasons they regretted investments made this year. Results from … Continued

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 As an entrepreneur looking for funding for your early stage venture, one of the first questions you’ll be asked by a potential investor is how much capital you want to raise. Many businesses need money before they have actual revenues, so in order to know the answer to this question, you’ll need to know your venture’s pre-money valuation. Your pre-money valuation, or PMV, represents how much your company is worth prior to receiving an investment or financing. It’s an important number because your PMV determines how much capital you could receive and … Continued

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Today marks Worthworm’s official unveiling! We’re so excited to show you how Worthworm can help your venture calculate its pre money valuation and analyze its risks and opportunities. Here are some quick tips for getting started and seeing what the tool has to offer: 1. Take it for a test drive: Try it out by registering and clicking on the View Demo button. You can see a demo model and even test out all of the questions in the questionnaire before deciding whether you’d like a subscription. 2. Use the tutorial for … Continued