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Worthworm is a robust pre-money valuation (PMV) tool, and we want to help you get the most out of it. While its basic functions are simple to use, there are several ways to read the data and determine what to do with the recommendations. Use these Worthworm tutorials to learn how to complete each of the steps within the tool and interpret the results.
Calculating Your PMV

The first step to using Worthworm is going through the guided questionnaire and calculating your pre-money valuation. In this tutorial, you’ll see how to:

  • Create a venture
  • Start a model
  • Complete the questionnaire
  • Calculate your current estimated PMV
Maximizing Your PMV

Once you know your current estimated PMV, it’s time to evaluate ways you could maximize it. This tutorial will walk you through how to analyze your venture’s risks and opportunities, as well as strategies you could pursue to boost your PMV. You’ll learn how to use and read each of these analytic and strategic tools:

  • Risks Tool
  • Risks and Opportunities Tool
  • Next Steps Tool
  • Self-Directed Next Steps Tool
Viewing and Downloading Reports

In addition to helping you calculate and maximize your PMV, Worthworm offers a number of reports that you can view, download, and share. In this tutorial, you’ll see an overview of the basic and funding reports available, as well as how to download them for future reference:

  • PMV Report
  • Snapshot Report
  • Inputs Comparison Report
  • Capitalization (Cap) Table
  • Equity Dilution Report
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Report

Have more detailed questions on how to use Worthworm? Visit our FAQ page or view the Product Tour