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"Worthworm elegantly tackles a complex issue in entrepreneurship, offering its users an intuitive, online application through which to derive a realistic, credible, and defensible pre?money valuation that will withstand the scrutiny of angel investors. We are proud to partner with you."

- Brent Sebold, Ed.D., Senior Venture Manager at the Arizona State University Entrepreneurship & Innovation Group, one of only 2 schools selected for a $5 million grant from the prestigious Kauffman Foundation to extend access to entrepreneurship education university-wide

"Worthworm is a tool every entrepreneur should be using to prepare for meetings with potential investors. As the leader of one of our nation’s premier university entrepreneurship programs, I have the responsibility to identify tools for our students that not only contribute to their education in entrepreneurship, but will serve them well when they graduate from our program. Worthworm is exactly that."

- Ken Jones, Director of Undergraduate Programs, Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Houston, ranked the #2 undergraduate entrepreneurship program in the country

"Valuation is a important part of raising capital, and something that we feel is critical learning for best of breed entrepreneurship programs. Worthworm’s offering gives students an opportunity to gain an understanding of the many factors investors consider in placing a value on ventures."

- Ken Harrington, one of the top 25 entrepreneurship educators in the U.S. and Managing Director of the Skandalaris Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Washington University, ranked the #8 undergraduate entrepreneurship program in the country

"Worthworm provides systematic and realistic assessments on the value of a business – ongoing data that our entrepreneurs can confidently offer potential investors to bridge the gap and ultimately help secure their next round of funding. This tool has the potential to increase the chances of a big payoff for everybody."

- Jeff Saville, Executive Directory at the Center of Entrepreneurial Innovation

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For every startup that made headlines with impressive funding announcements in 2013, many more faded into obscurity because they failed to attract the capital necessary to bring their ideas to market. The truth is most startups make a lot of mistakes prior to and during investor meetings, which leaves even the best ideas grounded because of financial limitations. Mistake #1: Not thinking big enough Investors need you to target your product or service at a very large, addressable market.  It’s simple mathematics. Investors realize a return when your venture’s value … Continued

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Know your audience when pitching to investors. Learn how to negotiate. Research your valuation. These tips are what every entrepreneur should know when seeking money for their company, said a group of expert panelists at the StartupConnectAZ conference’s “Funding and Investment” panel. The conference, at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication building in downtown Phoenix, was presented by the Arizona Technology Council, Arizona Commerce Authority, and IDS Technology Marketing. The biggest mistake at pitch events is when entrepreneurs don’t know their audience. Entrepreneurs do not generally have a … Continued

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Starting a new company from the ground floor is never easy; even seasoned entrepreneurs have been known to stumble along the way. First-time entrepreneurs have one brief chance to make a big impression on investors, and unfortunately more often than not they will fail. Following are four tips for early stage entrepreneurs hoping to prove to investors theirs is an idea worth opening their wallets for this year. Think Like an Investor Just like the first rule of public speaking – know your audience. Entrepreneurs who do not pay enough … Continued

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Entrepreneurs and founders should view recent economic developments as contributors to an outstanding climate in which to seek the funding necessary to take your enterprise to the next level. In this environment, startups with the most aggressive plans and biggest ideas will have the inside track.  If you believe your startup is ready to make the leap, take a moment and review these top strategies for dealing with VCs and Angel Investors. Know Your Options Important changes are in the wind for venture capital firms, angel investors, startups, hedge funds, … Continued

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Entrepreneurs are competitive by nature — it’s a trait we need to survive. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look to form strategic partnerships with other entrepreneurs. In fact, a startup in a separate industry should be seen as an ally and a potential investment.  Investing doesn’t always mean contributing large sums of cash. That may not be possible, especially if you run a small business. Investing can include purchasing or pre-ordering a product, making introductions to key people, and offering advice or expertise.  There are many compelling reasons to … Continued

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Managing a start-up is a rewarding experience, and the workplace might even come to feel like your second home—which is exactly why you shouldn’t factor family into the equation. While guiding your company through thick and thin, you’ll see some huge successes, and you’ll also have to traverse some rocky terrain. Often times, tapping family for help might seem like an easy solution, especially because they no doubt understand how excited you are about what you do. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should involve them. Here’s why: Are your … Continued