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Worthworm in the limelight

"Worthworm elegantly tackles a complex issue in entrepreneurship, offering its users an intuitive, online application through which to derive a realistic, credible, and defensible pre?money valuation that will withstand the scrutiny of angel investors. We are proud to partner with you."

- Brent Sebold, Ed.D., Senior Venture Manager at the Arizona State University Entrepreneurship & Innovation Group, one of only 2 schools selected for a $5 million grant from the prestigious Kauffman Foundation to extend access to entrepreneurship education university-wide

"Worthworm is a tool every entrepreneur should be using to prepare for meetings with potential investors. As the leader of one of our nation’s premier university entrepreneurship programs, I have the responsibility to identify tools for our students that not only contribute to their education in entrepreneurship, but will serve them well when they graduate from our program. Worthworm is exactly that."

- Ken Jones, Director of Undergraduate Programs, Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Houston, ranked the #2 undergraduate entrepreneurship program in the country

"Valuation is a important part of raising capital, and something that we feel is critical learning for best of breed entrepreneurship programs. Worthworm’s offering gives students an opportunity to gain an understanding of the many factors investors consider in placing a value on ventures."

- Ken Harrington, one of the top 25 entrepreneurship educators in the U.S. and Managing Director of the Skandalaris Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Washington University, ranked the #8 undergraduate entrepreneurship program in the country

"Worthworm provides systematic and realistic assessments on the value of a business – ongoing data that our entrepreneurs can confidently offer potential investors to bridge the gap and ultimately help secure their next round of funding. This tool has the potential to increase the chances of a big payoff for everybody."

- Jeff Saville, Executive Directory at the Center of Entrepreneurial Innovation

Posted by admin on 2014-03-31 05:33:28

For the fortunate few who were successful in getting an angel investor to actual take a meeting, there is usually little time left to prepare for the most important part of the funding process – the investor presentation. This is the first true opportunity for startups to provide an in-depth narrative and discuss financial expectations with an interested investor. Fortunately, many entrepreneurs have already gone down this path and know that balancing the everyday role of running a startup and finding the time to prepare for investor meetings doesn’t have to be a constant struggle. Consider … Continued