Privacy Policy

Details on your data and security

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Integers Analytic Systems, LLC collects personal information during the Worthworm™ sign-up process and in other customer communications with us by email or phone. We collect standard customer information such as your name, email address, company name, credit card company, credit card number, expiration date, and credit card billing address. We understand how important this information is to you. We are committed to keeping it strictly confidential. We will never sell, rent, or otherwise abuse the private information you have trusted us with. Your data is safe with us Rest assured that the information and answers you provide when using Worthworm™ and the resulting reports and analyses are completely secure and confidential. Knowing that you would be entrusting us with your ideas and dreams, we heavily invested in security and encryption measures and practices equivalent to those used by many leading financial institutions. While no system can be guaranteed to be hack-proof (the NSA has certainly proven that, haven’t they), we promise you that we have taken seriously our commitment to ensure that your data is safe with us. Our employees and contractors (again, a nod to the NSA) do not have direct access to your content, and we will not review your information or inputs. The only exception to that rule is for support issues where you expressly choose to extend access to us. 

We say “No” to Spam. We respect your right to privacy as much as we do our own. We have a strict anti-spam policy that prohibits selling, sharing, or otherwise abusing your email address. We collect it only to serve as your login identifier and to communicate with you about changes to the service, provide you with billing receipts, notify you of new activity on your account, and so on. We may occasionally email you with news about related products that we think will be of interest. You will always have the ability to quickly and efficiently opt out of those communications if you don’t want to receive them. 

Our “cookies” are safe. To access Worthworm™, you may be required to accept a small “cookie” file in your browser. Most Web applications require that these days. We would do this only because the functionality of the service required it. Any personal information stored in these cookie files will not be used for other purposes or shared with anyone else. We may also use cookies to help keep track of your login information to speed up the login process, and in certain cases, we may store your preferences to help tailor the Worthworm™ service to your interests. 

How do I accept the cookies? By continuing to browse on our website, you agree to accept our use of cookies. If you choose not to accept cookies, or your browser automatically does not accept cookies, the Worthworm™ service may not function. 

Setting cookie preferences. You can control how cookies are placed on your device from within your own Web browser. If you don’t want to receive cookies, you can modify your browser setting so that it notifies you when cookies are sent to it or you can refuse cookies altogether. You can also delete cookies that have already been set. In addition to the application itself, we use a popular third-party tracking and analytics service that uses its own cookies to track user activity. This is limited to non-personally identifiable information about visitors to our site in the aggregate. We can see how many people viewed a given page or clicked through a given sequence of pages, which helps us better understand usage patterns and customize our interface for improved usability. But we cannot see who those views or clicks represent. Your usage of Worthworm™ is anonymous. Sometimes we analyze various types of venture data that have been submitted by multiple Worthworm™ users, and aggregate the data into reports that could become publicly available. For example, we might issue a report describing early stage investment trends based upon our analysis of such data. Such reports will never contain any personally identifiable information or any information that could be associated with a particular Worthworm™ user or his/her venture(s). Note, too, that we may use our analyses of data as described above to improve the functionality of the Worthworm™ service. Again, in such instances personally identifiable information or any information that could be associated with a particular Worthworm™ user or his/her venture(s) would never be released to the public or used for any other purpose by the employees or contractors of Integrus Analytic Systems, LLC. 

Use of clear image files. Like many Web developers, we may sometimes use small, clear image files on our site. These images can’t actually be seen on the site. From your perspective, they will essentially be invisible. Why would we do that? These images are used for a couple of purposes. We may use clear images for spacing and page layout on the page. This helps the page be more readable and attractive. We may also use these images to help our analytics provider track anonymous user behavior throughout the application. This tracking is not personally identifiable. We use this information to improve our service for our users by changing navigation and controls to help you accomplish your goals more quickly or easily. 

How your privacy works on related sites. We sometimes work with third-party websites who promote our products to their audiences or customers through affiliate agreements and website co-brands. If you access the Worthworm™ service through a co-branded site that features both the Worthworm™ logo and a third-party website logo(s), you are on a co-branded page. If we host these co-branded sites, then while you are on them you are covered by our privacy policy. What you do on third-party sites prior to accessing a co-branded site falls under their privacy policy, which we encourage you to review. Within the application, we may link to other websites for related reading and other useful information. We are not and cannot be responsible for the privacy policies of these third-party sites or how they treat information about their users. In such cases, we do not provide these sites with your information. Beyond that, we encourage you to review their privacy policies to ensure they are up to your standards.

Data security inside our company.  Our employees and contractors are educated when they start working at Integrus Analytic Systems, LLC about the measures we have in place to protect your personally identifiable information. Any time there is a change in security measures, all employees and contractors are notified of the change. We are using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for your credit card transactions and, as noted previously, superior encryption for your venture data. In processing your credit card payments, we do share your credit card information with a third party, but solely for purposes of verification and authorization. 

The lawyers tell us we need to include the following legal disclaimer. We use reasonable precautions to keep secure the personal and venture information disclosed to us. We are not responsible for any breach of security or for any actions of any third parties that receive the information. In the event of unauthorized use of your credit card, Integrus Analytic Systems, LLC will cover your liability up to US$50.00 provided that the unauthorized use of your credit card resulted through no fault of your own from purchases made at Integrus Analytic Systems, LLC/Worthworm™ while using the secure server. Please note: This guarantee only applies to purchases made using our secure server. You must notify your credit card provider of any unauthorized use. Most banks either cover all the charges that result from unauthorized use or may limit your liability to just $50. We may also disclose personal information when required by law or in the good-faith belief that such action is necessary in order to conform to the edicts of the law or comply with a legal process served on our company (you’ve no doubt read the news—it happens from time to time). If you have any questions or concerns, just contact us at or give us a call at the number below. 

What if this policy changes? Our privacy guidelines will not change without your knowledge. We will notify you by email of any significant updates to this policy or any notable changes to the way we collect or use personally identifiable information. Thanks for your support and trust. We take it very seriously. Truly. Integrus Analytic Systems, LLC 15270 North 83rd Place, Suite 100 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 1-888-429-2530