You only get one chance to negotiate a good deal.
Make it count with Worthworm’s pre-money
valuation (PMV) tools and reports


You need a subscription to get the most out of Worthworm because it’s much more than a glorified PMV calculator. Here’s why a subscription is so valuable:

  • For entrepreneurs, Worthworm’s collaboration functionality allows you to resolve valuation differences with prospective angel investors quickly and calmly rather than confrontationally. Until you close your round (which usually takes 3-4 months), you’ll want to use this feature to increase your chances of securing funding.
  • For angel investors, accelerators, and incubators, Worthworm subscriptions provide the resources needed to efficiently and effectively screen investment opportunities, hold entrepreneurs accountable for maximizing a venture’s value, and easily measure progress from period to period.
  • For universities, incorporating discounted Worthworm subscriptions into your entrepreneurship programs provides your students with tools to think like investors, manage their ventures to maximize investor returns, and easily gauge their ventures’ progress throughout their studies. Upon graduation, they’ll be fully prepared to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

Worthworm starts with a guided questionnaire that helps you think like an investor and prepare for meeting with angels. It includes more than 70 questions that are important to prospective investors and to the venture’s chances for success. Your answers power Worthworm’s rigorous analytic tools that help you figure out how to value a business and calculate a credible PMV that you can use during negotiations.

  • Complete a thorough yet easy-to-understand list of questions that make you see the venture through the eyes of an investor.
  • Start and stop the questionnaire at any point to collaborate with business associates or investors.
  • Get prepared to answer difficult questions from investors or partners, and feel confident in how to value your business.
Pre-Money Valuation

Once you finish the questionnaire, you’ll receive your pre-money valuation. It shows your current estimated PMV, along with a valuation bar that illustrates how much higher or lower it could be based on operational and other risks, including the levels of confidence you expressed while answering the questionnaire.

  • Put your answers through an advanced analytic engine that uses thousands of parameters and outputs, blends the most widely respected valuation methods, and compares third party research data about companies at the same maturity level.
  • Get a sound, credible PMV that you can feel comfortable sharing and defending.
  • Reframe the conversation around tactics and strategy instead of calculations and methods.


Get your partners, employees, accountants, lawyers, and potential investors involved using Worthworm’s permissions and invitation capabilities. The tool allows you to invite other parties to assist with completing the questionnaire, assessing risks and opportunities, and developing strategies to drive the venture toward success, while maintaining control over what they can each see and do.

  • Share access to your account with stakeholders and advisors.
  • Create custom permission settings to provide the appropriate access to each person.
  • Collaborate with your team to make the funding process more efficient and align everyone involved.
Interactive Tools

Go beyond a pre-money valuation, and maximize your chances of success with Worthworm’s interactive tools. Our interactive tools incorporate risk analysis, what-if scenarios, and proven industry outcomes to give you deep insight into your venture’s risks and opportunities.

  • Save time and frustration by getting an unbiased view of the uncertainties and opportunities associated with your busines.
  • Get suggestions on where you should focus your attention and energy.
  • See actionable tactics and strategies that you could use to maximize your PMV and each owner’s stake in the venture.

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In addition to helping you calculate and maximize your PMV, Worthworm offers a number of reports that you can view, download, and share.

  • View insightful reports about your PMV, responses to the questionnaire, capitalization, equity dilution, and return on.
  • See how answers from the questionnaire affect your risks, opportunities, and your PMV.
  • Download the reports for future reference, collaboration, and documentation.

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