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PMV Report

PMV Report is comprised of a brief overview of the venture, your current estimated pre-money valuation (PMV), a snapshot of where the venture lies with respect to several key valuation drivers, all questions from Worthworm’s questionnaire, and your answers to them. It offers a comprehensive understanding of the inputs underlying your venture’s given model and its corresponding business valuation.

Snapshot Report

The Snapshot Report consists of six charts that illustrate where your venture currently stands with respect to select investment criteria.

Inputs Comparison Report

The Inputs Comparison Report shows which questions and answers differ between any two models of your venture and the estimated pre-money business valuations for each one.

Capitalization (Cap) Table

The Capitalization (Cap) Table details both the past round(s) and current round of funding for your venture and also reflects the number and details of future rounds before experiencing an exit event.

Equity Dilution Report

The Equity Dilution Report illustrates the dilution in ownership each funding round’s investors would experience in future rounds of financing for your venture.

Return on Investment (ROI) Report

The Return on Investment (ROI) Report illustrates the gross cash-on-cash return each funding round’s investors would receive from a projected exit event.