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Welcome to Worthworm

Posted by admin on 2013-08-21 04:22:11

Today marks Worthworm’s official unveiling! We’re so excited to show you how Worthworm can help your venture calculate its pre money valuation and analyze its risks and opportunities.

Here are some quick tips for getting started and seeing what the tool has to offer:

1. Take it for a test drive: Try it out by registering and clicking on the View Demo button. You can see a demo model and even test out all of the questions in the questionnaire before deciding whether you’d like a subscription.

2. Use the tutorial for an introductory guided tour: The first time you sign into Worthworm, a slideshow will appear that takes you how to use Worthworm, what each tool does, how to read the reports, and more. Flip through this tutorial, and if you ever want to reference it again, click the “Help” icon and link in the top right corner of the tool.

3. Follow us online for additional tips and news: Worthworm is hitting the social media airwaves to share entrepreneurial advice, advice on how to use the tool to its fullest, company news, and more. Follow us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, or LinkedIn to stay in-the-know.

Curious about how much your venture could be worth? Or looking for a world-class teaching tool? Or are you trying to do due diligence on potential deals?  Then try a subscription to Worthworm, and let us help you.